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Personal Financial Advisors

Through these points should have the facility to plan their expenditure, meet the contingencies that are submitted, meet your financial goals and save, so it can be peace of mind for you and your family.

Check your heritage. Subtract all their properties total of what you do not have or what they owe. This operation will give results in a sum of money, which could be your family balance. Perform this exercise every month to determine whether the actions that are taking are the right ones to improve your personal and family economy.

Learn to organize. Be aware that the main thing is to pay its debts, rather than pretend to save money.
If at this point owes a debt to a low-interest charges, analyze and if your financial plan allows, it may not be necessary to pay all of this in order not be under capitalized and be able to spend that money elsewhere, such as save. Decide what matters have higher priority, which are closest to achieving that and more convenient meet.

If possible, try to spend less money to increase or it receives in addition, for example: You paid money that paid a bonus for productivity, profit sharing, overtime, bonuses, etc. Better save!

Book a portion of their money for emergencies. It is very important to make available certain amount of money to cover emergencies such as medical care for a member of your family, preferably, make sure that this money is invested in a bank account that is safe and which can have the money in a suitable period, and generate interest above inflation. If you use this money only for emergencies and contingencies, it will help him not to convert "the money saved" in "money for emergencies."

Consider investing your money in a safe. If you intended steadily as part of their expenses monthly, quarterly or half-yearly, a certain amount of money to maintain their protected home, family health, his car and his most valuable belongings, at the time of their submission unfortunate events and it protects their insurance will not be in economic distress. Update your policies at the time required, consider that the inevitable are among the few things that are not planned and could damage its economy and financial plans.

Use properly their credit cards, try not to use much his or her credit card, remember they are for unforeseen or seize any opportunity that is offered to them. Keep only the needed and use them sparingly.

If they do not deposit your wages into a bank account payroll, open a savings account or checking, deposit their salary and organize their money through his mind, and not spend all at once and you can manage the best way.

Take into account and analyze all potential sources of income and if it can find new ones, such as: contemplate the possibility of launching a new business, selling what they no longer use and even calculate the amount of your pension.

Where appropriate, it is better to plan and manage family finances with your partner, and both will be aware of the movements of their money and the two can give good ideas and best use.

Coordinate if you have it, your adviser responsible for bringing your family finances; together to review and monitor bank statements, receipts, reports its investments, contracts, expiration dates of the policies insurance, etc..

Though not believe it is important to keep in mind and determining how much will be withdrawn when it’s afore.
Do the math according to your current salary and assuming that it will be continuing, together with the increases that will logically by the country's economic situation; think also that in the event that prices rise, it will increase his salary.
Find out what you have already accumulated, and if so far at it’s afore not deposited takes a lot of resources, it may be because you are very young or have little time to make contributions in this system. All of this must look to project the amount of their pensions upon retirement. If in doubt, consult your particular case with the adviser Adores.

Investigate options to help you raise the money they receive at the time of their pensions, for example through the Adores or contracting a life insurance or a retirement plan independently.

Confirm your credit history, so that it knows whether it is possible to obtain credit at the time as necessary and in accordance with its plans, goals and objectives.

If your credit history is not very good, then make every effort to improve paying what is necessary.

If you pay taxes as employees, always keep abreast, as a statement outside time limit can cause a strong imbalance in its finances, as well as the amount he is going to pay, you will have to cover fines and surcharges accrued.

may think that is too early, but it's best and most importantly, have your will done, so that you can make sure that life in their heritage remains in good hands as well as their spare their loved ones, which have to make lengthy and costly procedures.

Keep in a safe place, all the important documents such as your account statements, contracts, insurance policies and everything else related to your finances and that has to do with his family. It is very important that her husband learned that this place, so that they can find at a time of emergency.
The place can be a safe at the bank or at home, also has on hand a copy of them elsewhere, as if by some reason the originals were destroyed or lost, you will need to make copies and the formalities check the authenticity of them.

always be prepared to face any situation, which of course nobody wants to go through a divorce or death of a family member, but it is better to be cautious.

Ask for help, if you feel unable to comply with these tips to improve your personal bonds, please contact someone he trusts and who has knowledge on the subject, as a financial adviser.

Not Left in doubt about how to manage your money or your adviser is doing what, rinse each part, investigated and never invest in anything you do not know or do not understand. And if despite this fails to feel safe, do not hesitate to ask for other opinions or take their money elsewhere.


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